Friday, June 19, 2009

Não sabe onde comer? Então decida aqui!

Description: We are not an official news source, not even close. We represent no one but ourselves. Any opinions are our own and not very good to begin with.
Hell we have been drinking.

If you disagree with an opinion comment but check out the bar first.
The Plan: To visit 3 bars once a week and review them.
Why: Because they are there.
Rules: Must have a actual bar to drink at. Must have one drink at each place. Only bars in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Um blog realizado por pessoas que gostam de experimentar e avaliar os restaurantes em New Bedford.
Vale a pena saber quais os restaurantes de topo da Cidade Baleeira aqui:

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Insert Name Here said...

de facto uma boa iniciativa ;) agora, quando for a New Bedford, Massachusetts, já consigo saber onde ir. Quando. Se... ai..